Ko’olina Lagoon Our Favorite Spot!

Hola, creative mamas!


Let me tell you about our favorite spot here in Oahu, Hawaii. The Ko’olina Lagoon is  beautiful, relaxing, fun for the kiddos, and just a great place to let go of your worries and enjoy. You mamas know how much we need  to relax! To be honest this is one of the best places I’ve been in my life and that’s a lot say being originally from Puerto Rico. Theres four separate lagoons that were originally man-made and are the safest to be in. Even though there’s many beaches across Oahu, Hawaii most of them are dangerous due to huge waves and really active waters making it really dangerous for the kiddos. The Ko’olina Lagoon is also very close to our home its only 20min away making it more accessible. Even though there’s four lagoons, our favorite one is lagoon number two because of its view, location, and because most of the time there’s fewer people.

The only downside is the parking because there’s limited spaces. Of course this was done intentionally so there’s only a limited amount of people at a time. Tip: If you go early in the morning most likely you will find a parking spot or will wait for a short period of time. As soon as you walk in it feels your stepping into a dream you don’t want to wake up from Believe me! Theres beautiful palm tress, flowers, views everywhere you look, everything is clean and with great accommodations. These accommodations include bathrooms, casebos and rinse of areas in very good conditions.


Whats not to love?

In some beaches its hard to get a good seating area, in Ko’olina Lagoon You get to choose!  We personally like to sit on the grass area because it keeps our stuff sand free. With this little one this is a big advantage since she likes to fill everything with sand. I love when I have options and here I do. Whats not to love? It’s all you can wish for and more, beautiful blue skies, perfect sand, great weather and crystal clear water If you don’t believe me then see for yourself.


Everyone Enjoys

Not convinced yet? Don’t worry I have plenty more to share. If you’re wondering besides getting in the water what else is there to do. My husbands favorite part is going snorkeling YES! snorkeling a lot of people do actually. Close to the marine buoys there’s a variety of fish and whats even better its Free! On the other hand my daughters favorite part besides being in the shore chasing the water, is playing with the sand and sometimes trying to eat it to.  #6.jpg#7.jpg8

Mamas Favorite 

If you ask me what is my number one favorite thing to do I would have to say relax. As busy mamas you know how much we desperately need this. Most of the time I bring my float and will just lay there listening to the water while getting a tan. I don’t need much just to relax, even if it last for five minutes. I also enjoy sitting in the sand and taking some time to reflect on life and recharge my batteries. Oh boy, how we need them!


More to explore 

Being a nature lover this place is filled with different scenery, for someone who loves photography such as myself there’s many inspirations. After were done being in the water we enjoy walking around to the other lagoons. Theres also many trails that lead you to astonishing views of the island. You can imagine how many pics this mama takes!




Our favorite spot! 

It’s no surprise why this is our favorite spot in Oahu, Hawaii this is truly the complete package. While we have the privilege of living here, whomever is planning their dream vacation to Oahu, Hawaii. Should add this to their to do list, I’m positive it wont disappoint. Like us I hope you fall in love with the Ko’olina Lagoon and enjoy the many things it has to offer including becoming your favorite spot.

Liz Rivera final


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