Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him, That Don’t Cost a Thing!



Throughout the year you have given him various gifts like, perfumes, jewelry, even a gaming console. So you ask your self he has everything, what else can I possible give him? I strongly believe relationships need to be nurtured, even though materialistic things are great theres also gifts money can’t buy. If at this time you’re indecisive in what to gift him or simply don’t know what to do for this day. Let me help a girl out and give you some ideas! 

Cook his favorite meal  

So its said love for men begins in the kitchen, well at least thats what my mama used to tell me. My husband loves my cooking especially when I make him his favorite meal. As soon as he knows what Im cooking he says “This is one of the reasons why I love you” So I think mama is right, on that special day cook his favorite meal I’m sure he won’t care you’ve made it many times before. For him it’ll be as special, you can even kick it up a notch and light up some candles, turn on some romantic music. This ambiance will definitely make him feel special, loved and will create the mood for what will happen next. If you know what I mean…


Write him a letter 

One of the things I remember doing when we were boyfriend and girlfriend was writing each other letters. We used to do this all the time and to date I still keep them in a safe place. In this letter you can write your feelings towards him, how you love and admire him. You can also use this letter for your advantage and take it to a more sexual route it depends on what your feeling. If so you can write various things such as what you want to do to him later on the dayQ!. Remember you know him the best so take that into consideration. I bet he’ll love this one, especially if you take the second option! 

All inclusive massage 

Oh boy this is a good one! Since my husband is military he wakes up earlier in the morning to do exercise and works all day. By the time he gets home he feels soar and just wants to relax. On that special day what could be best than getting pampered after a long day of work. If you don’t have oils don’t worry grab you’re favorite lotion and use that. I bet he won’t care what you use, a massage is all he needs to feel pampered. If you don’t know how, don’t worry you can always ask him where he wants it and how. Yes I said it! Im not holding anything back for you ladies. 

Bubble Bath 

Well ladies if this doesn’t do the trick I don’t know what will! A bubble bath is always a good idea. Some candles, music, and wine can be great addition for this relaxing time. For an extra effort you can always add some petals to the water to make it look extra romantic. You can always blind fold him and lead him to the bubble bath. What happens after that is at your discretion, be creative ladies! Im sure he will appreciate your effort into making sure his valentines day would be a memorable one. 


All of you…

 A great couples game that will get his heart raising will be the treasure hunt game. If you don’t have a gift no problem. In this game we don’t need it because you will be the grand price. You can grab pieces of paper and write different hints that lead him to were you are or where you want him to be. Remember go about this however you want, you can make it as special,fun,and most of all make it Creative! At the end of the treasure hunt you’ll be his gift, Im sure all of you will be the greatest gift he can receive. 

Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day!

Even though this is a great day to treat him like a king don’t forget these ideas are not for a designed day. As hard working men they also need to feel appreciated and cared for on a daily basis. This will also help keep the spark alive, and also mamas let him treat you. You mamas deserve it with all the effort you put in not only as mothers but as wife’s. These are just a couple of ideas that will spark the relationship not only in this special occasion but forever. I hope you mamas have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your special someone. Remember to make these ideas your own and don’t be afraid to be Creative!

Liz Rivera final


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