Pamper Your Skin Under $20

 Between wifey duties, errands, demanding toddler we may forget to pamper our skin. Well creative mamas I want to share with you my favorite drug store skin products. These products are amazing and inexpensive everything we mamas are looking for. If you’re a mama on a budget and you want to take care of your skin without spending lots of money, these products will do the trick. Remember every skin is different and what works for me might not work for you. *(I’m normal-to oily in the T-zone)

1. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser


Ive been using this products for years and it never disappoints I use it in the morning and in the evening. Since Im oily on my T-zone this helps control the oil on that area. Besides the refreshing smell, it also does an amazing job on cleaning my skin and getting all the makeup and dirt out. Ive tried other drug store products but I always go towards this product. Its also not harsh on my skin and it has never caused any breakouts Thats a always a plus! Retails: $4.97

2. St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub



This product has been a game changer these past couple of months, it exfoliates without being harsh on my skin or drying it out. I use this product every other day or depending on how my skin is looking. I use it right after I have cleaned my face with the clean & clear facial cleanser. Ive also started to notice a difference in my blemishes and pores. At first I was skeptical about this working but to my surprise it does. I enjoy the thick texture it feels almost like a Mud mask. Remember this product does the work for you so theres no need to exfoliate with a lot of force and a little product goes a long way. Believe me it works!   Retails: $5.44

3. Lorea’l Active Daily Moisture 


This day lotion is a hidden gem in the drug store and what I love the most it has sunscreen. At times we may forget the importance of sunscreen especially when we mamas are out and about. This has all you want in a lotion it moisturizes, leaves skin smooth, and can be worn with or without makeup. This lotion is for all skin types so you won’t have a problem if you’re oily or dry. I don’t go a day without using this product I notice a significant difference when I use it. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and it lasts all day, Try it out mamas!  Retails: $7.99

4. Freeman Masks


Nothing else makes me feel more pampered than some face masks. The drug store has various brands but these are my favorite. I love buying these packages and testing them out before buying them full size. All the masks do something different to your skin it depends on what your looking for. These can be applied once a week or as needed believe me you won’t go back!  Retail: $1.37

Pamper Your Skin!

Weather you have a lot of time or not you’re skin deserves the love, even though we have numerous responsibilities and busy schedules we are also individuals. Even just 30 minutes will do the trick and make us feel beautiful and pampered. You can find these products at any drug store. Don’t hesitate and give these products a try, you and your skin deserve it! 

With Love,

Liz Rivera final


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