Diy Valentine’s Day Headbands


If you’re like me theres nothing more cute than seeing the little ones with headbands. Ive been doing them for my daughter since before she was born. I love how I can personalize them for her and it makes me feel extra special knowing I did it myself. Other than that its also inexpensive, at times it cost more to buy them already made. Today I want to share with you creative mamas how easy it is and how you can make these for any special occasion. Weather you have a baby, toddler, making these headbands will be memories that will last a life time. You can find the DIY headband kits on Etsy, I personally buy from Pretty in Pink Supply Shop. They have so many different kits and you can also buy everything individually. Lets get to it!

What you’ll need:


1. Measurements

 The first thing you need to do is measure the babies/toddlers head this will ensure that the headband fits perfectly. If the elastic is too long you would need to cut it, after that the next step begins. 3

2. Glueing Elastics 

Im going to be showing you two options on how to glue the elastics together. The first option is glueing each end to the felt circle. The Felt Circle is used to glue the flowers on top, if your like me I love placing various flowers together. This will help attach all those flowers so they don’t fall off. Glue one end and the other to the felt circle, after doing so it should look something like this.5

The second option, instead of gluing each end to the felt circle you can always glue the elastics by overlapping them together by applying glue to one end. It depends on what works best for you, you can always find ways to simplify and save some time. I personally use both options!8

 3. Placing the flowers

After the elastics are glued together is time to place and glue the flowers. This is were creativity comes in handy, before gluing you can always do a rough skectch of how you would like things to look. After that add some glue on the back of the flowers and glue them on top of the felt circle or elastic. 67

Note: with shabby flowers you can always glue a felt circle on the back of the flower like seen in the picture below. Also If you used option number two remember to glue the flower exactly where the glued elastics meet. So this are is hidden and even more secured. 91011

It’s that simple!

The possibilities are endless you are a Creative mama! Im sure you will make beautiful headbands and will get hooked. You can add many more flowers, bows, rhinestones, wherever your creativity takes you. Theres many DIY headband kits for every occasion and you don’t want to miss out on making every occasion special. 

Happy Valentine’s Day Creative Mamas!

Liz ♥


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