Valentine’s Day Activities For Toddlers


Valentines Day is a great way to keep encouraging the tots the importance of love and friendship. I personally like to involve my daughter in the different special occasions of the year. This includes Valentines Day activities that also go accordingly with her age. I want to share with you Creative Mamas a few activities that can get your toddlers involved for Valentines Day or Valentine’s week. Ive tried these activities with my almost 2 year old daughter and she loves them.

Window Stickers

One of the things I know for sure is children love stickers, well at least mine does. In stores you can find a variety of window stickers that are inexpensive and beautiful. I decided to buy her some to put on her play room window. Lets just say she loved it plus I got beautiful pictures in the mean time. Sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get them involved. At times their happy even with a plastic box, you can also buy regular stickers for them to put in different areas of the house. Even if it means having a bunch of them on your back!



Hand Painting  

Its not surprise children like to get dirty and make a whole lot of messes. We can use this as an advantage and let them be Creative and paint. Since its a Valentines Day activity is a great idea to paint their hands. You’ll just need some red paint and paper that simple! This painting can be given to anyone special even a gift for mommy or daddy. Even though theres a mess to clean up remember kids will only be kinds once.



Coloring Hearts

With mamas help is a great activity to cut hearts out of construction paper, these hearts can be colored by the little ones. Even if its just scribbles these hearts will make great memories and will help keep the kiddos involved. These hearts can then be glued around the house even in the play room with some tape. Im sure the little ones will love playing around with the hearts and drawing them with some crayons. These can also be given to a special little friend or family member. 



 Rice Cupcakes

This is personally her favorite activity, she loves grabbing my baking utensils. So what a better way than to let her bake. If course a safe way, its super easy and fun for the kiddos mostly everything you’ll need is already at home. On a rectangular box or baking dish add some rice, sequence and even sprinkles. Then grab some cupcake wraps and some utensils for them to use. I assure you they will love this activity and its also great for their development. My daughter enjoys filling the cupcake wraps over and over hopefully soon she will help mama in the kitchen. Mama needs a break! 


Special Memories on Valentine’s Day 

These are a couple of activities that will get your toddler involved even if it means you are doing most of the cleaning. Not only does it keep the tots entertained it also helps their development which is most important. Feel safe to add to this list or to take away, remember every tot is different. My daughter has an interest in these things so I base the activities on what she likes. These activities are great no matter what age and for sure will make Valentines Day or week a fun and special one. 




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