Favorite Romantic Movies of all Time

 During this whole month we celebrate love and all things romantic. If you’re like me watching romantic movies during this time is a must. Even if it means forcing our husbands to watch and eyeballing our eyes out. I want to share with you Creative mamas my favorite romantic movies of all time. 

The Notebook


In this 2004 film, Noah, and Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) where from different worlds, Allie was rich and Noah was a hard working man. Even though they were madly in love Allies parents disapproved of their relationship. Suddenly Noah leaves to serve in the World War II and when he returns Allies with another man. His return causes many feelings and emotions. They begin to get involved and lets just say things get really steamy. Even though she was with another man she decided to leave it all for Noah, not caring about what other people said. At an old age Allie suffered from alzheimer, Noah read to her everyday from a notebook about their past. This would help her remember their love story. She would only remember for a couple of minutes but those minutes meant more than anything in the world.

“What I love the most about this film is the drama, and how true love conquers it all no matter time, barriers, and even sickness. I love how raw and passionate this film is and how love always prevails. Believe me after watching this movie you’ll want to be all snuggled up with you’re love.”

Dear John


In this 2010 film,  John Tyree (Channing Tatum) was attracted to college student, Savannah Curtis (Amanda Sefried). Their first encounter occurred when he dived in the water to grab the purse she had accidentally dropped. They instantly felt this unique connection that lead them to the most wonderful weeks of their lives. Even though these love birds were head over heals for each other John suddenly had to deploy. This caused tension in the new relationship especially because their only communication would be letters. Throughout the seven years they stayed in tough through letters until one day he received one that he never expected. She said she had moved on with her life and with another person. His life crumbled down unexpectedly, a little after this his father passed away due to an illness.

“Even though this film didn’t have the ending everyone expected, it still shows the reality of life. Being a military wife I know how hard it is to be away from the person you love. This movie shows that through difficult times is when you really know who really loves you.”

The Vow


In this 2012 film, Leo (channing tatum), and Paige (Rachel McAdams) Where happily married until an unfortunate accident occurred and almost caused Paige’s life. This terrible accident caused her to suffer from amnesia. Due to this she no longer remembered her past or her husband. Leo does various attempts to make her fall in love with him all over again. However, his attempt seem to fail especially because another man was fighting for her attention as well. Even though there was a lot of frustration something beautiful occurred. While Paige was in her room she found a menu card, on the back of that menu card she found her wedding vows she once wrote. Quickly after that she finds leo on a coffee shop they used to go to. They both decided to start creating new memories in new places.

“This film is an example of what marriage is all about. Leo fought for his marriage, fought for his wife and never gave up. A vow signifies more than words, it means to be their through sickness and in health.  This movie will make you fall in love with your spouse all over again.”




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