Toddler Must Haves!

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Today I have a roundup of some toddler must haves, If you’re a mommy to be or your baby is turning into a toddler soon don’t worry these must haves will help you out.  Feel free to share these must haves with future mommies and with toddler mamas. Trust me they will thank you! (everything will be linked)


Its no surprise the little ones are drawn to danger especially the kitchen. When they begin to walk its another story they are able to reach things they couldn’t. My toddler specifically wanted to play with the stove buttons, lets just say a gate gave me peace of mind. Now days theres a variety of gates at a variety of prices. In case no one told you, gates are a must have. Even if it means feeling like a grass hopper with all the jumping around. Evenflo Position and Lock Classic GateWalmart Price $9.99

2.High Chair

Do not underestimate the power of a high chair!  At six months we decided to buy her a booster seat and even though it worked  it wasn’t until she was a toddler when we decided to buy her a high chair. I regret not buying it sooner theres a significant difference between a booster and a high chair.  Even though I still aid her in eating, its also convenient  because she isn’t on top of me leaving this mama some time to eat. Instead of buying a booster go with a hight chair especially the ones that grow with your baby. Believe me eating time will be a lot easier. Ingenuity Trio 3 In 1 High Chair Ansley, Walmart Price $55.88


Before having my daughter I was committed on getting the cutest diaper bag possible. However months passed and I found my self having to buy more diaper bags than expected. Something always went wrong or the strap broke or there wasn’t enough space. These diaper bags also caused shoulder pain not great for long periods of time. Thats why I bough a diaper backpack it’s not only handy but more comfortable. Everything fits super nicely, doesn’t hurt my shoulders, and even daddy can carry it. With a toddler comes many more adventures meaning mama needs to be ready. Theres also a variety of styles, colors, and prices believe me you wont go back to diaper bags for anything in the world. Skip Hop Forma Pack and Go Diaper Backpack, Amazon Price $55.99

4.Push Car 

My daughter doesn’t like being in the stroller for a long period of time. A push car has resolved that problem everywhere we go we take it with us. She loves being able to feel more freedom and loves honking her little horn. Instead of using the stroller we use the push car around the neighborhood. Needless to say she loves it at first we were skeptical about buying it but it has been a great investment. To this day she chooses the push car over a stroller. A must have for sure!  Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride-OnWalmart Price $57.47 


At this point you’re wondering why a toothbrush? Well once they have teeth you can start using an infant/ toddler toothbrush. This will help create good habits and most of all good dental health which is always an advantage. Since she turned one Ive been using a toothbrush and she already knows when is cleaning time. If you’re hesitant you can always consult with the pediatrician. I also use the oral-B toothpaste and she loves it! Colgate My First Kids Infant & Toddler ToothbrushWalmart Price $3.78

6.Toddler Utensils

Even though they might be far away from eating by themselves with a spoon or fork. They can start learning how to use them, even if theres more rice on the floor than in their tummies. Theres various brands that sell these utensils for toddlers and are perfect for their little hands and mouth. My daughter has been using them since she’s a year old and little by little is getting the hang of it. They are also inexpensive and easy to find thats always a plus. Graduates Kiddy Cutlery SetWalmart Price $10.68

7.Pool Ball Pit

One thing I know for sure is toddlers love being in the water and playing with their toys. What a better combination than a pool ball pit, you can add water or use it dry. My daughter loves this activity and has become a toddler must have. She loves water especially on a hot days just sit down and relax while they play. A pool ball pit is not only versatile but it can be used inside or outside the house. She also loves playing with the little balls it keeps her entertained something I sure need. Sizzlin’ Cool 36 inch Pink Wading PoolToys R Us Price $7.99 & Stats 250 Piece Plastic Play BallsPrice $29.99 

Happy Shopping Creative Mamas!

Liz Rivera final


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