Top Reasons: Why you should consider subscribing to Fabfitfun!

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Top reasons: Why you should consider suscribing to Fabfitfun!

Full Size Products

 You will receive full size products which was one of the things I was most excited about.  My first box was the editors box which consisted of nine full size products. If you were to buy each product individually you would spend more than the subscription price. Each box values for more than $200+ which is mind blowing only having to pay $49.99 + shipping seasonally. Not only are the products full size but each box is customized according to your needs and likes

Box for Every Season

Because this box is sent out seasonally you will always get products that are trendy and useful for that specific time. These boxes ship out on Winter (december) , Spring (March), Summer (June) & Fall (september). Who doesnt love goodies year round its like Christmas presents every season. Now that’s something to look forward to!

Its not a Monthly Payment

One of the downsides of most subscriptions boxes is being billed monthly. Especially if you’re on a budget having to teal with the extra payment a month. In fabfitfun you will be charged lets say every three to four months three weeks before the boxes are sent. What this means is boxes are send out quarterly so you wont be billed monthly. This is one of the reasons why I’m loving fabfitfun so far!

 Add On

Theres also products at a discounted price you can add to your box every season. Its amazing how you will receive the products they sent out plus products you decide to add. Im all about saving money so being able to buy these products for a more affordable price is always something I look forward to. Receiving a box filled with products is for sure exciting!

You Get To Choose

Even though this a brand new feature beginning in spring 2017 I couldn’t finish without mentioning it. Fabfitfun members now have an option to choose one of the items they want  to receive on their box. Theres also an option to add both items for an additional cost and If you’re like me the more the better. I love the fact we members are able to choose atleast one item in the box this is definitely a game changer. 

My #editorsbox November, 2017 

Box value: $257.98

Join the Family!

I hope these reasons where enough to convince you into joining the fabfitfun family. Im sure you wont be disappointed and will love receiving goodies for every season. If you’re interested in subscribing click  $10 OFF  and get the discount on your first box. 

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