Tula Baby Carrier a Life Saver!


My daughter was never a fan of the stroller, she would only last minutes and wanted to be out. While she was a baby I heard of various carriers but was taken off by the expensive price. Even though it took me a while I finally decided on the Standard Tula Baby Carrier. These carriers can be used with babies or toddlers. I want to share various pros and cons about this product. Im pretty sure this will aid you in the decision process and hopefully save you some headaches.


  1. YOU CAN USE IT EVERYWHERE, weather it is to the supermarket, hiking, walking, exercising, and amusement parks name it you can. Even though strollers are a must have lets face it at times it can be easier to wear baby and be on the go. In the past we would take our daughter in the stroller to the mall but five minutes later she would scream and wouldn’t sit still. In the Tula she stays for along period of time and we don’t have to be carrying around an empty stroller.
  2. BREASTFEED WITH EASE, need to feed baby/toddler no problem you can always do so while walking. No more sore arms and baby/toddler will be comfortable also. I still breastfeed my daughter and is truly easy to do everywhere I am. This is also a great way to keep them calm when they want to get out it always works.
  3. IT LAST FOR YEARS, In the Standard Tula Baby Carrier you can wear baby from 15-45 pounds meaning you will get a lot of use out if it. It said you can wear baby sooner than this with an insert but I personally don’t recommend it until baby is at least six months. Theres also the Tula toddler Carrier which is bigger and holds toddlers from 25-60 pounds. Lets just say this carrier grows with you baby/toddler no need to spend extra money.
  4. VERSATILE, These Tula carriers can also be worn by daddy in the back or the front. Lets face it toddlers love to look around and explore. What a better way than on a piggy back ride on mommy or daddy. I love when products have options and these do!


  1. PRICE,  Tula baby carriers are usually $160+ I can see why parents may be hesitant about buying one. The main reason why I didn’t purchase it sooner was due to the cost. Thankfully I was able to grab mine at a discounted price (you can always find great deals so always be on the lookout) As you can see the price is the only con however after using this carrier for weeks I have to say its worth every penny.

Needless to say this has been one of the best investments we’ve ever done. We are now able to do things we couldn’t before and most importantly keep this little one under control. We can now enjoy of all the things Hawaii has to offer while our toddler is right close to use. No more chasing, running, or being in a rush its no surprise it has become a life saver!

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