Go from 100 to 1000+ Followers on Instagram with just five steps.


So you’ve been on Instagram for a while or even just started but you’re not gaining followers as expected. Theres similar profiles to yours and they seem to be gaining followers continuously. You start to wonder what their doing differently and in what ways you can start gaining your audience. Especially if you’re using your profile to promote your company or blog. Even though I don’t have a crazy amount of followers I want to share with you how I went from 100 to 1000+ in no time. Its important to understand that what worked for me might not work for you but it doesn’t hurt to try. Im going to walk you through five steps that can aid you in gaining followers.

1. Make Profile Public

The main reason why I was stagnate at 100 followers for a long time was because I had my profile private. Even though theres numerous reasons why keeping your profile private is best. If you want to gain followers quickly and promote your business or blog people often want to see your profile from the get go. So by having your profile public they will be able to quickly follow you without having to wait for you to accept them. Note: A way to have some control even if your profile is public is always seeing who’s following you. If you notice something odd about the profile or the person you can always block them.

2. Attractive Bio

The first thing people see is the bio, this bio should draw people in and make them interested enough to follow you. The importance of being focused on what is it you want to do is important. If its motherhood, beauty, lifestyle, you name it people need to know what your page is about. You should keep it simple but direct and don’t hesitate in using creativity and showing your personality. Your bio is a glimpse of who you are, what you like and what they can expect from you.

3. Be Cohesive

It’s important your feed is cohesive with what you mentioned or described in you’re bio. If your using your Instagram for business or blog this cohesion will make you stand out and attract more people. Keep in mind to post things that are related to your theme, if your Instagram is on beauty then your feed should be on that and so on. A lot of successfully profiles have not only cohesion but their also consistent. Weather you have a DSLR or iPhone it doesnt matter it just takes organization. Also try to space out posts at times people may unfollow you if you post many pictures at once.

4. Follow, Follow, Follow!

Even if you exceed the amount of people that follow you go ahead and follow as many people as you can or want. Believe me i did it and somehow I started gain crazy amount of followers overnight. Also you will be surprised with how many people will follow you back. Following will also help you get noticed because you will appear on peoples suggestions. Also remember to follow people with your similar interests so you attract the same audience. Lastly, don’t forget to be consistent on your feed this will make you discoverable to new people every time.

5. Use #hashtags

Now days hashtags are extremely important in social media especially when you want to get recognized by companies. Its important that you include hashtags on every post, this is actually how you will gain most of your followers and become discoverable. Go crazy and tag away I suggest you use hashtags that go accordingly with what you posted so theres cohesion. Ex. #toddlermama#creativemama#bloggermama#lifestyle

Give it a try!

I hope these simple steps aid you in gaining followers fairly quickly. Don’t get discouraged if it still takes a while. Even though I gained these followers quickly its still an on going process. I hope to reach 10k in the near future and hopeful I can share with you the tricks I learned along the way. Don’t forget to follow me on my social medias and together lets keep growing.  Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Liz Rivera final