This Father’s Day Give Back!

Jord Conway Series Dark Sandalwood & Burgundy

What a better time to give back to those who give, being an army wife I see first hand how my husband gives it all not only at work but at home. I see how he strives to do better each day no matter if he’s sick, sore, tired he doesn’t give up. He gets up and accomplishes his tasks for the day, as positive can be. As the provider of our home he gives without expecting anything in return. The truth is in his role as a US soldier, husband and father he forgets about himself. With father’s day quickly approaching it’s time to look for that perfect gift that harnesses our appreciation and admiration for all they do.

This Conway Series Dark Sandalwood & Burgundy watch is a time stopper. Its a classic design with a modern twist, the stainless steel links contrasts perfectly with the burgundy and dark chocolate tones. This time piece can be worn with a uniform, casual and even to a formal event. Its masculine yet muted perfect for that special men in your life. Choose a watch that doesn’t go out of style, theres no limits when styling this bad boy its definitely one of a kind!

 Why Jord watches is the way to go?

Jord uses only 100% natural wood and avoids using toxic chemicals to treat the wood.  They come in a variety of styles and prices Click this link to have a look. Theres also styles for women perfect for mothers day or any occasion. Also for an additional cost you can add a custom text to your watch or box. Adding a custom message can definitely personalize your gift and make it extra special. Lets face it you can’t beat the price and quality!

The search is finally over, these beatiful timepieces are suited for everyone’s individual taste. Treat those wonderful fathers in your life to a memorable hand crafted wood timepiece. That will not only count the time but will become a reminder of how much they mean to you everywhere they go.

 Don’t leave yet, theres a Giveaway!

 I have also partnered up with Jord watches to bring you an amazing giveaway, yay! All you have to do is follow this link, fill in your name, email and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift code to use on their site. If you don’t win don’t worry at the end of the contest you’ll receive a consolation code worth $25. Its a win, win! Be sure to enter, giveaway will close June 25, 2017 Good luck!


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