Moana Inspired Mini Photoshoot

Jonalys Second Birthday Minis

Time does fly I didn’t believe it until her first year came around quickly. Now she’s two and it happen even quicker. Even though she’s growing up really fast she will always be my baby girl. This mini shoot took me weeks to plan and only minutes to take, you know how it is! This little Moana was eager to find Maui she thought she didn’t even need a canoe. Thankfully I was able to capture these pictures and share them with all of you. If you’re looking for some inspiration hope this helps. Pictures taken at Lanikai, Oahu Hawaii


Moana Inspired
I have crossed the horizon to find you…
Moana Inspired
Theres no better place I rather be…
Moana Inspired
Chosen one!
Moana Inspired
Little moana

Moana Inspired

Moana Inspired
Is that hei hei?

Moana InspiredMoana Inspired

Moana Inspired
Until we meet again…





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