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Today I want to share with you some Instagram beginner apps that have helped me become a better “Insta-gramer” or in other words mommy gramer.  The fact is Instagram has become one of the most used social medias. These apps will help you if you’re a beginner or if you’re simply looking for apps that will aid you in your Instagram journey. Theres a lot of apps out there but it takes a while to find the correct ones so search no longer. If you’re interested then stick around! 


cropped-preview-instagram-app-logo  Preview– This app is truly amazing and i’ll tell you why, you can link or create your own post previews. If you want your instagram to look cohesive posting pictures strategically is key. Unfortunately instagram doesnt allow you to organize your post once you’ve uploaded them. However with this app you can preview your post before uploading so you know how the pictures will look next to each other once uploaded.

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unnamed.png Repost– This app is great when you want to share someones elses post while giving them credit. If your a business and you want to use your clients picture you can always repost stress free knowing you wont be copyrighted. This is also great when you want to participate in open follow loops because you’ll be able to repost the image and script to your Instagram.

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1200x630bb-2Layout– This app works hand in hand with Instagram, if you want to create a collage this is the app to use. Once done you’ll be able to directly share your collage to Instagram with a click of a button. No need to save, look for the picture its quick, easy and most of all beginner friendly.

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1200x630bb   Instareport– This is one of the last apps I learned about but I have to tell you is the best out there. With this app you’ll be able to keep track of who’s following you, unfollowing, stalking and more. Out of the bunch this is definitely one of the most important and will definitely aid you in the more technical side of Instagram.

1200x630bb-3 Pinterest– is another great app when your on a writers or photographer block. Here you can find so much information on what is your looking for. I personally use this app for inspiration and has truly helped me get better at photography. I understand Pinterest is a must have app when you’re starting because it can aid you in any topic.

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t_logo Telegram– You’ll be surprised with this app even though its pretty similar to whatsapp its used differently. Theres a lot of groups you can join on telegram that can help your Instagram account. When your just starting you need all the help you can get and even if you’re a pro being involved in these groups will help your Instagram in numerous ways.

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Alright! I hope you found this post helpful if you’re interested in knowing what apps are best for editing pictures write a comment below. Best of luck lovelies!

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