Weight-loss Journey Diary 1

 9/12/17 – 9/22/17

After numerous diets and failed attempts I had to admit I needed professional help. I just needed a little push to get things started and a week ago I got that push. My nutritionist was asking me numerous questions about my eating habits and I realized what a mess I was. Even though prior to this I started buying all organic foods I was still eating the incorrect way. It’s like you find yourself in a circle, knowing what you need to do but you don’t have the will power to do it. She asked me if eat vegetables I said no, if I drink water I said no if I exercised I said no. I have to admit hearing myself made me want to slap myself across the face! Even though I was so embarrassed at the same time I felt proud because I was finally doing something right.

After the meeting I felt so empowered ready to make changes. I have lost sixty pounds in the past I knew I could do it again. For some mommies losing the weight was easy for me anxiety kicked and Burger King it was. Being a military wife is not easy but I’ll save this for another time. Whatever excuses I finally had a break through, I got home and made some sweet potatoes, chicken, vegetables and gave it a go. That first day wasn’t easy, the second and third day wasn’t easy but I have to tell you that it did get easier.

I still crave those mc Donald french Fries, However I feel my body’s changing  and no not physically but on the inside. I don’t have to tell you how many trips to the bathroom I’ve made… For breakfast some days I’ve had ONE pan cake, 20g of eggs and fruits. For lunch I’ve made a homemade southwestern salad and even the hubs ate it. For dinner I’ve made some rice, garlic cilantro salmon and some vegetables. Doesn’t seem that bad right? Well I’ve come to understand is really not, it’s just making good choices. I’m not starving myself I’m simply eating by portions keeping in mind to have those three groups of food on my plate.

Quick testimony! Not only do I feel more agile and with more energy the red lady made her appearance after 7 months of absence. Yes unfortunately weight gain affects all sorts of things including the red lady. One of the reasons why I looked for professional help was due to the lack of menstruation for so many months. We want our second baby soon and getting things on track is important for it to happen. I have to admit I can’t believe how changing ones eating habits can improve so many things.

That being said I’m actually liking this whole diary thing and I hope you like it to. I hope you hop along with me on my weight-loss journey. Where I will share the things I eat, my ups and downs, some funny things and do a weekly check in of my progress until I reach my goal. Pictures coming soon not ready for that yet!

Favorite Snack of the week!



Initial weight 235

Target weight 160

Pounds lost -5

Liz Rivera final