How I got to 10K in less than a year on Instagram! 

img_2911If you’re here you’re wondering how I got to 10K in less than a year. The fact is everyone grows at different rates, there’s no recipe that may work for everyone. However, there are tricks and tips than can help you reach 10K faster. Before we start I highly suggest you check out my previous posts on how to go from 100 to 1000 followers on Instagram and Instagram Starter apps. These posts go in-depth in certain areas and have helped me in my overall success. Already knowing the importance of being focused, having an interesting bio, being cohesive and consistent now we can proceed.

My Tricks & Tips

1. Less is more- I used to post many post at the same time, but I was actually overwhelming my followers and that lead to unfollows. I recommend you post once a day, this way your posts can get as much interaction as possible. This can also apply to pictures, if you want your profile to look cohesive and clean you should avoid crowed images. Just recently I decided to archive all my old post and start fresh you can always do this if you feel those old images don’t go with your aesthetic anymore.

2. Like & Comment- Yes I know you do this already, but do you do it enough? Starting off its important you start interacting with your followers and even make great friendships along the way. You’ll be surprised how many people will reciprocate this. I also want to add that in the telegram app you can find many link drop groups such as like, comment, follow for follow and social media drops. I can’t tell you how this has changed my post interactions. Just starting off I can imagine how it can aid you.

3. Participate in follow for follow loops- This is one of the easiest and free ways of gaining followers. There’s many follow loops happening all the time you just need to wait for the right ones. If you’re profile is mommy and me participate in those open follow loops that are mommy and me related. The fact is many people want to be followed back. I personally follow back all those that have my same interest. There are people who have a lot of followers but are not following many. If that works for you that’s fine but personally I find it can take longer gaining followers if you don’t follow back. So Follow, Follow, Follow! 

4. Purchase Giveaway Buy-ins-One of the perks of doing giveaways is that you gain a huge amount of followers in a couple of days and you don’t have to follow back. Even though this is the expensive route, it really gave me that push my profile needed to get to the other side. This is also a way of giving back to your followers and attract more people because they would want to participate in future giveaways. Theres buy-ins starting from $11.00 so always browse around before purchasing. Below are some profile links that I trust in regards to giveaway buy ins, I got you covered!

6. Try not to take breaks- Yes were human things happen and if you have to take it to keep your sanity then do it. However, I have to tell you that in this past year I haven’t taken any breaks. Of course I’ve wanted and need to but I’ve never stopped because that would be a set back. If you want to grow you need to be consistent. Yes I’m a Mom but out of the day I always take some time to work on my social medias. I’ve seen first hand how breaks can cause someone huge set backs. Always be active even if you don’t post anything one that day. Always look for ways to gain more followers and interact with your audience. Supporting each other is key!

5. Don’t get discouragedThis happens to everyone at a certain point. Don’t get discouraged if you see other people are gaining followers or are growing at a faster rate. Just focus on yourself and on putting your best work out there.  Just keep pushing and you’ll see the fruits of your labor. Remember success doesn’t happen over night it just takes dedication.

Alright mamas! There’s many things I could say but these were the main tricks and tips that made the most noticeable difference. I know I have a long way to go but I’m glad to share what I learn along the way. Lastly, have fun, be you, fall and get back up let this be a learning and growing experience. Let you’re imagination run wild and be creative!

Luck lovelies! 

Liz Rivera final