Welcome to my creativemommy world!!!

I’m creativemommy who loves sharing my experiences of being a first time mom. I’m a Puerto Rican mama that grew up all her life surrounded by family, beautiful beaches and celebrations for mostly everything. Because I’m proudly married to a US Army soldier we were first stationed in Fort Irwin California for two almost three years. Just recently we PCS (moved) to Oahu, Hawaii the place we call our new home now. No lie it’s amazing!

I also have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and with Gods help I will continue on to my masters soon (mama needs a little break) I want to focus on Christian counseling because I feel this is my calling. I’m a stay at home mom and I’m really thankful I have been able to enjoy all of my daughter’s millstones. Even though she’s almost two years old we still breastfeed and co-sleep together the best experience ever.

I have many hobbies some of them include DIY, Photography, Decorating, Cooking and many more. I’m also passionate about makeup, nature, and traveling, let’s just say I like doing a little bit of everything. Im looking to inspire other mamas who are caught up in the daily routine and have forgotten to do the things they love.

Do you want to be a creativemommy? Then join me!


God Bless