How I got to 10K in less than a year on Instagram! 

img_2911If you’re here you’re wondering how I got to 10K in less than a year. The fact is everyone grows at different rates, there’s no recipe that may work for everyone. However, there are tricks and tips than can help you reach 10K faster. Before we start I highly suggest you check out my previous posts on how to go from 100 to 1000 followers on Instagram and Instagram Starter apps. These posts go in-depth in certain areas and have helped me in my overall success. Already knowing the importance of being focused, having an interesting bio, being cohesive and consistent now we can proceed.

My Tricks & Tips

1. Less is more- I used to post many post at the same time, but I was actually overwhelming my followers and that lead to unfollows. I recommend you post once a day, this way your posts can get as much interaction as possible. This can also apply to pictures, if you want your profile to look cohesive and clean you should avoid crowed images. Just recently I decided to archive all my old post and start fresh you can always do this if you feel those old images don’t go with your aesthetic anymore.

2. Like & Comment- Yes I know you do this already, but do you do it enough? Starting off its important you start interacting with your followers and even make great friendships along the way. You’ll be surprised how many people will reciprocate this. I also want to add that in the telegram app you can find many link drop groups such as like, comment, follow for follow and social media drops. I can’t tell you how this has changed my post interactions. Just starting off I can imagine how it can aid you.

3. Participate in follow for follow loops- This is one of the easiest and free ways of gaining followers. There’s many follow loops happening all the time you just need to wait for the right ones. If you’re profile is mommy and me participate in those open follow loops that are mommy and me related. The fact is many people want to be followed back. I personally follow back all those that have my same interest. There are people who have a lot of followers but are not following many. If that works for you that’s fine but personally I find it can take longer gaining followers if you don’t follow back. So Follow, Follow, Follow! 

4. Purchase Giveaway Buy-ins-One of the perks of doing giveaways is that you gain a huge amount of followers in a couple of days and you don’t have to follow back. Even though this is the expensive route, it really gave me that push my profile needed to get to the other side. This is also a way of giving back to your followers and attract more people because they would want to participate in future giveaways. Theres buy-ins starting from $11.00 so always browse around before purchasing. Below are some profile links that I trust in regards to giveaway buy ins, I got you covered!

6. Try not to take breaks- Yes were human things happen and if you have to take it to keep your sanity then do it. However, I have to tell you that in this past year I haven’t taken any breaks. Of course I’ve wanted and need to but I’ve never stopped because that would be a set back. If you want to grow you need to be consistent. Yes I’m a Mom but out of the day I always take some time to work on my social medias. I’ve seen first hand how breaks can cause someone huge set backs. Always be active even if you don’t post anything one that day. Always look for ways to gain more followers and interact with your audience. Supporting each other is key!

5. Don’t get discouragedThis happens to everyone at a certain point. Don’t get discouraged if you see other people are gaining followers or are growing at a faster rate. Just focus on yourself and on putting your best work out there.  Just keep pushing and you’ll see the fruits of your labor. Remember success doesn’t happen over night it just takes dedication.

Alright mamas! There’s many things I could say but these were the main tricks and tips that made the most noticeable difference. I know I have a long way to go but I’m glad to share what I learn along the way. Lastly, have fun, be you, fall and get back up let this be a learning and growing experience. Let you’re imagination run wild and be creative!

Luck lovelies! 

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Weight-loss Journey Diary 1

 9/12/17 – 9/22/17

After numerous diets and failed attempts I had to admit I needed professional help. I just needed a little push to get things started and a week ago I got that push. My nutritionist was asking me numerous questions about my eating habits and I realized what a mess I was. Even though prior to this I started buying all organic foods I was still eating the incorrect way. It’s like you find yourself in a circle, knowing what you need to do but you don’t have the will power to do it. She asked me if eat vegetables I said no, if I drink water I said no if I exercised I said no. I have to admit hearing myself made me want to slap myself across the face! Even though I was so embarrassed at the same time I felt proud because I was finally doing something right.

After the meeting I felt so empowered ready to make changes. I have lost sixty pounds in the past I knew I could do it again. For some mommies losing the weight was easy for me anxiety kicked and Burger King it was. Being a military wife is not easy but I’ll save this for another time. Whatever excuses I finally had a break through, I got home and made some sweet potatoes, chicken, vegetables and gave it a go. That first day wasn’t easy, the second and third day wasn’t easy but I have to tell you that it did get easier.

I still crave those mc Donald french Fries, However I feel my body’s changing  and no not physically but on the inside. I don’t have to tell you how many trips to the bathroom I’ve made… For breakfast some days I’ve had ONE pan cake, 20g of eggs and fruits. For lunch I’ve made a homemade southwestern salad and even the hubs ate it. For dinner I’ve made some rice, garlic cilantro salmon and some vegetables. Doesn’t seem that bad right? Well I’ve come to understand is really not, it’s just making good choices. I’m not starving myself I’m simply eating by portions keeping in mind to have those three groups of food on my plate.

Quick testimony! Not only do I feel more agile and with more energy the red lady made her appearance after 7 months of absence. Yes unfortunately weight gain affects all sorts of things including the red lady. One of the reasons why I looked for professional help was due to the lack of menstruation for so many months. We want our second baby soon and getting things on track is important for it to happen. I have to admit I can’t believe how changing ones eating habits can improve so many things.

That being said I’m actually liking this whole diary thing and I hope you like it to. I hope you hop along with me on my weight-loss journey. Where I will share the things I eat, my ups and downs, some funny things and do a weekly check in of my progress until I reach my goal. Pictures coming soon not ready for that yet!

Favorite Snack of the week!



Initial weight 235

Target weight 160

Pounds lost -5

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Instagram Starter Apps

FullSizeRender 3

Today I want to share with you some Instagram beginner apps that have helped me become a better “Insta-gramer” or in other words mommy gramer.  The fact is Instagram has become one of the most used social medias. These apps will help you if you’re a beginner or if you’re simply looking for apps that will aid you in your Instagram journey. Theres a lot of apps out there but it takes a while to find the correct ones so search no longer. If you’re interested then stick around! 


cropped-preview-instagram-app-logo  Preview– This app is truly amazing and i’ll tell you why, you can link or create your own post previews. If you want your instagram to look cohesive posting pictures strategically is key. Unfortunately instagram doesnt allow you to organize your post once you’ve uploaded them. However with this app you can preview your post before uploading so you know how the pictures will look next to each other once uploaded.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

unnamed.png Repost– This app is great when you want to share someones elses post while giving them credit. If your a business and you want to use your clients picture you can always repost stress free knowing you wont be copyrighted. This is also great when you want to participate in open follow loops because you’ll be able to repost the image and script to your Instagram.

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

1200x630bb-2Layout– This app works hand in hand with Instagram, if you want to create a collage this is the app to use. Once done you’ll be able to directly share your collage to Instagram with a click of a button. No need to save, look for the picture its quick, easy and most of all beginner friendly.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

1200x630bb   Instareport– This is one of the last apps I learned about but I have to tell you is the best out there. With this app you’ll be able to keep track of who’s following you, unfollowing, stalking and more. Out of the bunch this is definitely one of the most important and will definitely aid you in the more technical side of Instagram.

1200x630bb-3 Pinterest– is another great app when your on a writers or photographer block. Here you can find so much information on what is your looking for. I personally use this app for inspiration and has truly helped me get better at photography. I understand Pinterest is a must have app when you’re starting because it can aid you in any topic.

FullSizeRender 4

t_logo Telegram– You’ll be surprised with this app even though its pretty similar to whatsapp its used differently. Theres a lot of groups you can join on telegram that can help your Instagram account. When your just starting you need all the help you can get and even if you’re a pro being involved in these groups will help your Instagram in numerous ways.

FullSizeRender 9

Alright! I hope you found this post helpful if you’re interested in knowing what apps are best for editing pictures write a comment below. Best of luck lovelies!

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Moana Inspired Mini Photoshoot

Jonalys Second Birthday Minis

Time does fly I didn’t believe it until her first year came around quickly. Now she’s two and it happen even quicker. Even though she’s growing up really fast she will always be my baby girl. This mini shoot took me weeks to plan and only minutes to take, you know how it is! This little Moana was eager to find Maui she thought she didn’t even need a canoe. Thankfully I was able to capture these pictures and share them with all of you. If you’re looking for some inspiration hope this helps. Pictures taken at Lanikai, Oahu Hawaii


Moana Inspired
I have crossed the horizon to find you…
Moana Inspired
Theres no better place I rather be…
Moana Inspired
Chosen one!
Moana Inspired
Little moana

Moana Inspired

Moana Inspired
Is that hei hei?

Moana InspiredMoana Inspired

Moana Inspired
Until we meet again…




This Father’s Day Give Back!

Jord Conway Series Dark Sandalwood & Burgundy

What a better time to give back to those who give, being an army wife I see first hand how my husband gives it all not only at work but at home. I see how he strives to do better each day no matter if he’s sick, sore, tired he doesn’t give up. He gets up and accomplishes his tasks for the day, as positive can be. As the provider of our home he gives without expecting anything in return. The truth is in his role as a US soldier, husband and father he forgets about himself. With father’s day quickly approaching it’s time to look for that perfect gift that harnesses our appreciation and admiration for all they do.

This Conway Series Dark Sandalwood & Burgundy watch is a time stopper. Its a classic design with a modern twist, the stainless steel links contrasts perfectly with the burgundy and dark chocolate tones. This time piece can be worn with a uniform, casual and even to a formal event. Its masculine yet muted perfect for that special men in your life. Choose a watch that doesn’t go out of style, theres no limits when styling this bad boy its definitely one of a kind!

 Why Jord watches is the way to go?

Jord uses only 100% natural wood and avoids using toxic chemicals to treat the wood.  They come in a variety of styles and prices Click this link to have a look. Theres also styles for women perfect for mothers day or any occasion. Also for an additional cost you can add a custom text to your watch or box. Adding a custom message can definitely personalize your gift and make it extra special. Lets face it you can’t beat the price and quality!

The search is finally over, these beatiful timepieces are suited for everyone’s individual taste. Treat those wonderful fathers in your life to a memorable hand crafted wood timepiece. That will not only count the time but will become a reminder of how much they mean to you everywhere they go.

 Don’t leave yet, theres a Giveaway!

 I have also partnered up with Jord watches to bring you an amazing giveaway, yay! All you have to do is follow this link, fill in your name, email and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift code to use on their site. If you don’t win don’t worry at the end of the contest you’ll receive a consolation code worth $25. Its a win, win! Be sure to enter, giveaway will close June 25, 2017 Good luck!


Watch Gift Ideas

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Go from 100 to 1000+ Followers on Instagram with just five steps.


So you’ve been on Instagram for a while or even just started but you’re not gaining followers as expected. Theres similar profiles to yours and they seem to be gaining followers continuously. You start to wonder what their doing differently and in what ways you can start gaining your audience. Especially if you’re using your profile to promote your company or blog. Even though I don’t have a crazy amount of followers I want to share with you how I went from 100 to 1000+ in no time. Its important to understand that what worked for me might not work for you but it doesn’t hurt to try. Im going to walk you through five steps that can aid you in gaining followers.

1. Make Profile Public

The main reason why I was stagnate at 100 followers for a long time was because I had my profile private. Even though theres numerous reasons why keeping your profile private is best. If you want to gain followers quickly and promote your business or blog people often want to see your profile from the get go. So by having your profile public they will be able to quickly follow you without having to wait for you to accept them. Note: A way to have some control even if your profile is public is always seeing who’s following you. If you notice something odd about the profile or the person you can always block them.

2. Attractive Bio

The first thing people see is the bio, this bio should draw people in and make them interested enough to follow you. The importance of being focused on what is it you want to do is important. If its motherhood, beauty, lifestyle, you name it people need to know what your page is about. You should keep it simple but direct and don’t hesitate in using creativity and showing your personality. Your bio is a glimpse of who you are, what you like and what they can expect from you.

3. Be Cohesive

It’s important your feed is cohesive with what you mentioned or described in you’re bio. If your using your Instagram for business or blog this cohesion will make you stand out and attract more people. Keep in mind to post things that are related to your theme, if your Instagram is on beauty then your feed should be on that and so on. A lot of successfully profiles have not only cohesion but their also consistent. Weather you have a DSLR or iPhone it doesnt matter it just takes organization. Also try to space out posts at times people may unfollow you if you post many pictures at once.

4. Follow, Follow, Follow!

Even if you exceed the amount of people that follow you go ahead and follow as many people as you can or want. Believe me i did it and somehow I started gain crazy amount of followers overnight. Also you will be surprised with how many people will follow you back. Following will also help you get noticed because you will appear on peoples suggestions. Also remember to follow people with your similar interests so you attract the same audience. Lastly, don’t forget to be consistent on your feed this will make you discoverable to new people every time.

5. Use #hashtags

Now days hashtags are extremely important in social media especially when you want to get recognized by companies. Its important that you include hashtags on every post, this is actually how you will gain most of your followers and become discoverable. Go crazy and tag away I suggest you use hashtags that go accordingly with what you posted so theres cohesion. Ex. #toddlermama#creativemama#bloggermama#lifestyle

Give it a try!

I hope these simple steps aid you in gaining followers fairly quickly. Don’t get discouraged if it still takes a while. Even though I gained these followers quickly its still an on going process. I hope to reach 10k in the near future and hopeful I can share with you the tricks I learned along the way. Don’t forget to follow me on my social medias and together lets keep growing.  Don’t be afraid to be creative!

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Tula Baby Carrier a Life Saver!


My daughter was never a fan of the stroller, she would only last minutes and wanted to be out. While she was a baby I heard of various carriers but was taken off by the expensive price. Even though it took me a while I finally decided on the Standard Tula Baby Carrier. These carriers can be used with babies or toddlers. I want to share various pros and cons about this product. Im pretty sure this will aid you in the decision process and hopefully save you some headaches.


  1. YOU CAN USE IT EVERYWHERE, weather it is to the supermarket, hiking, walking, exercising, and amusement parks name it you can. Even though strollers are a must have lets face it at times it can be easier to wear baby and be on the go. In the past we would take our daughter in the stroller to the mall but five minutes later she would scream and wouldn’t sit still. In the Tula she stays for along period of time and we don’t have to be carrying around an empty stroller.
  2. BREASTFEED WITH EASE, need to feed baby/toddler no problem you can always do so while walking. No more sore arms and baby/toddler will be comfortable also. I still breastfeed my daughter and is truly easy to do everywhere I am. This is also a great way to keep them calm when they want to get out it always works.
  3. IT LAST FOR YEARS, In the Standard Tula Baby Carrier you can wear baby from 15-45 pounds meaning you will get a lot of use out if it. It said you can wear baby sooner than this with an insert but I personally don’t recommend it until baby is at least six months. Theres also the Tula toddler Carrier which is bigger and holds toddlers from 25-60 pounds. Lets just say this carrier grows with you baby/toddler no need to spend extra money.
  4. VERSATILE, These Tula carriers can also be worn by daddy in the back or the front. Lets face it toddlers love to look around and explore. What a better way than on a piggy back ride on mommy or daddy. I love when products have options and these do!


  1. PRICE,  Tula baby carriers are usually $160+ I can see why parents may be hesitant about buying one. The main reason why I didn’t purchase it sooner was due to the cost. Thankfully I was able to grab mine at a discounted price (you can always find great deals so always be on the lookout) As you can see the price is the only con however after using this carrier for weeks I have to say its worth every penny.

Needless to say this has been one of the best investments we’ve ever done. We are now able to do things we couldn’t before and most importantly keep this little one under control. We can now enjoy of all the things Hawaii has to offer while our toddler is right close to use. No more chasing, running, or being in a rush its no surprise it has become a life saver!

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